Commercial Development and Employment

A thriving parish economy and village centre of successful local shops, businesses, the pubs, the Post Office, the bank, services and social amenities are all an essential part of Mortimer life. They provide not just local services they are the important source of local employment and are a vital part for the fabric of Mortimer.

The Plan is an opportunity for the community to plan how Mortimer will sustain its strong economy of existing enterprises and encourage new businesses to provide local employment and prosperity. The plan addresses questions such as “Do we want more shops?” “What sort of shops would be supported and encouraged and which would be rejected?”  “Do we want to attract more businesses, what sort of businesses would we like to attract ?” “What sort of facilities would make Mortimer a more attractive place to establish a business or ensure the existing ones continue to be successful – high speed broadband, place for small businesses to hold meetings, new commercial premises?”. 

This section contains information corresponding to Core Policy CS10 of the West Berkshire Council Core Strategy Development Plan (DPD) 2012 - 2026.