Flooding  - Policies

Flooding related policies have now been included in the General Design section but are repeated here

Extract from NDP:


GD3 In order to ensure that flooding risk is not increased, and ideally is reduced, taking into account climate change, all developments of any sort shall comply with the following parameters:

  • In addition to having well designed, constructed and managed flood prevention measures to reduce the overall level of flood risk in accordance with West Berkshire Council’s policy CS16, developers will be encouraged to adopt a worst case scenario to manage surface water run off :
    • rain falling on saturated ground or dry compacted ground
    • a peak intensity rainfall over a 30 minute period of 20mm within the standard 6 hour period
    • the higher of either the rainfall assumptions in the standard calculations or the maximum rainfall recorded in West Berkshire over the last 20 years with an allowance of +30% for climate change.
  • All Planning Applications shall include agreements for the adoption of the anti-flooding systems establishing the permanent owner, and practical management and maintenance regimes to ensure that they continue to operate effectively and efficiently.