Infrastructure Requirements and Delivery

High quality infrastructural services and amenities are an important part a modern community for it to continue to be attractive, vibrant, viable, and is forward looking. The Plan includes a range of opportunities for possible development some of them large others of a smaller nature.

The plan reserves land for a new St. John's Infant School and a new doctors' surgery; the actual building of these will depend on funding. 

The feedback from the several consultations identified five other major infrastructural developments – expansion of the station car park, traffic management, superfast broadband, a day nursery and the need to ensure that waste water services are able to satisfactorily handle growth in demand. Policies to address these have been included in the Plan.

In addition a wide range of other ideas for services and amenities were suggested.

All of these have been included in a list of potential projects. They will all be investigated to assess practicality and the degree of support by the community. These opportunities will have to be prioritised. Some might not be affordable.

This section contains information corresponding to Core Policy CS5 of the West Berkshire Council Core Strategy Development Plan (DPD) 2012 - 2026.