Stratfield Mortimer Evidence Base   

NDP Submission

1 Basic Conditions Statement

2 Pre-Submission Consultation Statement

3 Pre-Submission NDP October 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Overview

4 Designation of a Neighbourhood Area - Stratfield Mortimer

Guide to Neighbourhood Planning CPRE

Neighbourhood Development Plan guidance – Hereford Council

Neighbourhood Planning Road Map Locality

Proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area West Berkshire Council

Advertisement of intent to designate

10 Call for volunteers October 2013

11 Steering Group Terms of Reference

Stratfield Mortimer Parish Overview

12 Background statistics of Stratfield Mortimer, March 2011

13 Census 2011 - Mortimer Key Data Statistics

14 Mortimer House type map

15 Mortimer Parish Map

16 Mortimer Ward Profile

17 Parish Boundaries map

18 Stratfield Mortimer Area Map

19 Stratfield Mortimer Parish Aerial Map

20 Stratfield Mortimer Village Aerial Map

21 West Berkshire District Profile 2013

22 Dataset for Mortimer Profile

Key Policies

23 National Planning Policy Framework

24 West Berkshire Core Strategy (2006-2026) Development Plan Document Adopted July 2012

25 West Berkshire Council Strategic Housing Land Allocation Assessment Dec 2013

26 West Berkshire  Council Strategic Housing Land Allocation Assessment Maps

27 Spatial Strategy The East Kennet Valley - The Vision

28 Housing Site Allocations DPD Preferred Options East Kennet Valley Spatial Area (Mortimer) Aug 2014

29 Housing Site Allocations DPD Spatial Area - East Kennet Valley November 2015

30 Neighbourhood Planning General Regulations 2012

31 West Berkshire Council Statement of Consultation App D [Page 68]

Consultation, Justification and Evidence

Summary Justification and Evidence

32 Introduction

33 Consultation Statement

34 Policies - Summary of Evidence and Justification

35 Site Allocation

36  Mortimer Site Allocation Evidence Densities

37 Initial Public Meeting March 2014 

38 Exhibition 6th July 2014 

39 Exhibition February/March 2015 

40 Questionnaire Consultation April/May 2015

41 Site Design Review September 2015

42 Housing Needs Survey Report

43 Designation of ‘Local Green Spaces’  

44 Explanation of SWOT Points 

45 NDP Steering Group Minutes 

46 Strafield Mortimer Parish Council Minutes

47 Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council Response to Consultation 2014

48 Pre-Submission Consultation Statement

49 Pre-Submission Consultation Detailed Representations and Responses

50 Site Impact Assessment and Mitigation

51 SEA HRA Screening

52 Letter confirming SEA HRA Determination

Residential Development

53 Delivering New Homes and Retaining the Housing Stock CS 1 WBC

54 April 2007 Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

55 Affordable Housing CS6

56 Housing Type and Mix CS 4 WBC

57 The West Berkshire CIL Viability Study (January 2013)

58 West Berkshire Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) 2015

59 West Berkshire Housing Site Allocations DPD in the Countryside Policies: Preferred Options Consultation September 2814

60 Site Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessments 

61 WBC Housing Site Allocation DPD Preferred Options - Stratfield Mortimer (PP4)

62 Evidence for Reserving Land for New St. John's School


63 Design Principles CS 14 WBC

64 Building for Life 12 (3rd Edition)

65  HARAH-Rural-Design-Guide Combining Policy and Quality May 2013

66 Quality Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) West Berkshire Council June 2006

67 Achieving Quality Design _Part_1_

68 Residential Developments _Part_2_

69 Residential Character Framework _Part_3_

70 Sustainable Design Techniques _Part_4_

71 External Lighting WBC _Part_5_

72 Stratfield Mortimer Village Design Statement 2007

73 Planning and Development Briefs: A Guide to Better Practice (2007)

74 Planning Practice Guidance - Design (National Planning Policy Framework)


75 Flooding Policy CS 16 WBC

76 Environment  Agency Surface Water Flood Map of Parish

77 Environment Agency Surface Water Interactive Flood Map

Stratfield Mortimer 2007 Flood Report

78 West Berkshire Council Flood Report

79 West Berkshire Council - Spring Lane Flood Map

80 West Berkshire Council - Eatern End of Village Flood Map


81 Thames Water Statement

82 Site Access Map

83 Notes of meeting with WBC re Education

Commercial and Employment

84 Rural Economy CS10


85 Making Space for Nature: A review of England’s Wildlife Sites and Ecological Network Professor Sir John Lawton 2012

86 Biodiversity Area 13 Berkshire (Berkshire Local Nature Partnership)

Green Spaces

87 Local Green Space Designation

88 Designating Local Green Space in Mortimer