Design and Sustainability

As the title suggests this topic covers two interrelated areas.

Design covers all those aspects that impact on the built environment that are readily appreciated by the public. It covers not only the style of individual buildings but the space around them and the way that space is arranged and managed.

The ‘Mortimer style’ is considered and the relationship between new buildings and this style is an area for debate and ultimately the formulation of policies.

The type of village we live in is, in part, readily appreciated by the physical make up of the village and such things as the provision or lack of street lights can be one of those defining characters.

The way that new developments are laid out, both internally and in relation to existing development is also a crucial aspect of determining the type of place we live in.

Sustainability considerations also affect our lives but may not be so readily apparent in a physical sense. The type of insulation that is applied to new buildings and how waste water from such developments is catered are just two parts of the sustainability aspect of design. As such design for sustainability is considered as part of this plan.

This section contains information corresponding to Core Policy CS14 of the West Berkshire Council Core Strategy Development Plan (DPD) 2012 - 2026.