Infrastructure - Policies

Extract from NDP document:

 IS1 Telecommunications

A superfast broadband strategy statement will be expected with all planning applications. The statement shall outline how the developer will provide a development which provides the maximum broadband speed currently feasible in Mortimer, show how predicted future speeds will be obtained and explains what discussion have taken place with the operators in advance of submitting a formal planning application.

IS2 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Projects

The potential infrastructural enhancements, listed under projects, will be pursued within the limits of budget and resources available with the priorities determined by Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council.

IS3 Station Car Parking

Extension to the station car parking will be promoted and encouraged

IS4 Day Nursery

The NDP will support a proposal for a day nursery to open a facility during the plan period, reusing an existing property. The amenities of adjoining residential properties must not be harmed by the proposed location, design, and car-parking/drop-off arrangements.

IS5 Traffic

Proposals for new developments that accord with the policies in the Plan and result in improvements in the management of traffic, in particular contributing to appropriate traffic calming measures in the village, will be encouraged and supported.

IS6 Water and wastewater

Agreed water supply and wastewater drainage strategies to inform the provision of adequate infrastructure for both water supply and wastewater provision shall be prepared prior to the submission of planning applications; these shall include agreements for the adoption of the wastewater systems establishing the permanent responsibility for the management and maintenance regimes to ensure that they continue to operate effectively and efficiently.