Green Local Spaces - Policies

Extract from the NDP:

GS1 Designate the following as Local Green Spaces:

-       The Fairground, the Pound and Heath Elm Pond (pond outside the fence) and War Memorial island

-       The Alfred Palmer Memorial Field

-       Foudry Brook - the watercourse and footpath and 10m strip either side from St. Mary’s Church SW to the parish boundary

-       Summerlug Common

-       Windmill Common

-       Brewery Common

-       Bronze Age Barrows and surrounding land (Holden’s Firs)

-       The green space along the southern side of The Site

GS2 Connect new development sites into the wider area with pedestrian footpaths and where appropriate cycleways and link them with the existing network of green spaces and routes in the parish

GS3 All new cycle or pedestrian routes will be green e.g. they could have green margins and where possible will be surfaced with porous material