Residential Development - Context

Some documents about the context in which this part of the NDP has been developed:

Affordable Housing Initiative
Guidance for landowners, businesses and communities about the Affordable Rural Housing Initiative; produced by The Prince's Foundation
Delivering New Homes and Retaining the Housing Stock
West Berkshire's Core Policy with regard to increasing the housing stock by at least 10,500 dwellings over 2006 - 2026
Housing Needs Survey Report
Housing Needs Survey Report
Housing Type and Mix
West Berkshire's Policy defining the type and mix of houses to be provided
Spatial Strategy for the East Kennet Valley
The spatial vision and objectives set out by West Berkshire Council for the area containing Stratfield Mortimer as part of the Core Strategy
WBC Affordable Housing
West Berkshire's policy regarding the provision of affordable housing (part of the Core Strategy)
WBC Preferred Sites
Map showing the sites preferred by WBC for residential development in Mortimer in the Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD)