Design Principles - Objectives

Extracts from the NDP:

All new developments will have design solutions that reflect and enhance the rural character of Mortimer in their scale, siting, features, layout, materials, landscaping and design details as expressed by the community in this plan.

While achieving the overall design policy objective, new sites will incorporate the essential features that in the expressed view of the community will maintain and enhance the rural character set out in the vision of Mortimer.

Innovative designs that enhance the distinctive identity of Mortimer and avoid urban or semi-urban characteristics will be encouraged.

To set out the principles and criteria to be used to prepare the design of The Site so as to ensure the development conforms to the requirements of this plan and the expressed views of the community with regard to development.

To develop homes which meet the requirements of 21st century lifestyles and improve the overall quality of the housing stock in the parish while remaining sympathetic to the older building styles at the heart of the village.

To avoid light pollution and intrusion

To provide private parking space that matches the needs of a community that has most of its employment outside the parish, the great majority of which cannot reasonably be reached using public transport.